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Women’s Intelligence Meets Artificial Intelligence.

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The AIforWomen2022 campaign has ended

For Women's Day this year we collected hundreds of career insights from women around the world and turned them into invaluable data for us all.

Intel AI Benefits

#AiforWomen 2022

Intel’s advanced AI models analyzed hundreds of insights to produce Invaluable career tips

Here are the main insights →


Tip #1 Opportunities not comfort

Look for opportunities outside your comfort zone, and choose what makes you feel most uncomfortable. That’s where you can learn and grow most, where you get the courage to experiment and discover new worlds.

Learn at work

Tip #2 Learn at work

Throughout your career, you can learn at work.
Believe in yourself and do what you enjoy. If you like what you’re doing, and learn from it, you perform better and success follows.

All together for gender equality

Tip #3 All together for gender equality

The opportunities for women today are endless thanks to the trailblazing efforts by those who came before us. For our daughters and future generations, we all need to support and empower women, and give each other strength every day.

Find a mentor

Tip #4 Find a mentor

Reach out to your connections for help,
and find a mentor who inspires you.
Cultivate a network of colleagues in every position.

Be true to yourself

Tip #5 Be true to yourself

Set your personal mission and be unapologetically authentic! Bring your whole self to whatever you do - work, school, home – and make yourself a priority. Make your unique voice heard.

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"Don't let anyone dictate what you can or cannot achieve. It’s your career and you pave your path on your terms. Be confident, be assertive, take risks and never hesitate to say “I don’t know”, because that will ensure you are always learning. While focusing on your own career, pay it forward by always being there for other women professionals. We can jointly create a newer generation of women leaders.”

Kavitha Prasad
Intel VP & GM, Datacenter, AI & Cloud Execution and Strategy

"Be extraordinary by being authentic - staying true to your personal mission and vision statement. It is so important to establish clarity in our purpose and mission in life - that will guide the path and the decisions we make in our personal and professional endeavors. My personal mission statement is “make a lasting Positive Impact in Everyone I met and interface”

Joannie Fu

"Don’t wait for opportunity to find you – go out and create it yourself! Think about what you are passionate about and ways you could get more of that into your daily job. This will continuously open up new opportunities that take you in surprising and satisfying directions."

Mandy Mock
Intel VP and GM of Desktop, Workstation and Channel

"Manage your energy not just your time so that you can give the best of yourself to the people and goals that really matter"

Sharon Heck
Intel, Chief Tax Officer

“Women are often told we can ‘have it all’ and this can seem like an impossible dream. We just need to define what ‘all’ means for us individually…for me its about being present for my two teenage daughters at a critical point in their lives whilst having a fulfilling role at work”.

Jo Watson
Intel, Director, Inclusion & Belonging

"Trust yourself. Only you can get you out of your head. Don't buy into whatever it is you are hearing externally or internally that says you can't, you don't deserve, your skills aren't needed... rather, set your sights on what you want, and go get it."

Coco Brown
Founder & CEO Athena Alliance

You don’t need to be like “them” in order to be successful. You need to know who you are, trust your way, learn how to work and impact others and then, with full integrity, drive for the results your way.
We are most successful when we do something that we believe in, that is coming from within us and we enjoy what we are doing. Enjoy your way !"

Shlomit Weiss
Co-GM Design Engineering Group Senior VP, Intel